Pre-N5 video lessons

ひらがな/Hiraganaclick here
カタカナ/Katakanaclick here
疑問詞/Question word①click here
疑問詞/Question word②click here
疑問詞/Question word③click here
疑問詞/Question word④click here
疑問詞/Question word⑤click here
助詞/Particle①click here
こそあど/Kosoadoclick here
Japanese verb 3 groupsclick here
形容詞/Adjectiveclick here
曜日/Days of the weekclick here
1月~12月/January to Decemberclick here
1日~31日/1st to 31 thclick here

Basic vocabulary with online flash cards

Basic pronoun/Kosoado56Online flash cards
Basic noun150Online flash cards
Basic verb74Online flash cards
Basic adjective66Online flash cards
Basic adverb74Online flash cards
Basic words related to time40Online flash cards

Basic vocabulary 100 with pictures

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