Learning Catchball


Language exchange lesson

Step Ⅱ:Trial language exchange

Trial language exchange for 1 month

Trial language exchange lesson0 yen

Step Ⅲ:Payment

Lesson fee0 yen
Learning material/lesson sheet0 yen
Introduction(matching) fee5000 yen

Free Learning materials/exercises(optional)

Self-study exercises
①Let's check learning materials
②Let's try Japanese exercise
③Let's check answers with sounds by yourself
You can learn basic vocabulary, grammar, how to make Japanese sentences through working out Japanese exercises by yourself
Language exchange exercise
Let's practice speaking Japanese with your language partners by working out many exercise from basic to JLPT N5, N4, topic conversation level
Please make conversation sentences with ~てください about the following picture.

① to live :I will live in this apartment next month

①important:A friend is more important

Online language exchange lesson step3(海外)

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