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JLPT N5 level to N4 level

2~と+~たら/If sentence
3How to make jyoken form+~ば+~なら/If sentence
4~ている/~ing+な が ら/while doing
5てしまいました/ to do by mistake
6かもしれない+でしょう/maybe guess~
7そうです/I hear/it looks like it's going to do
8ために/ように/for purpose / target
9ようになる/する/get able to do/be trying to do
10て/ないで with/without+くて/で/Because~
11~て、~て+~てから+~たり~たり+~し~し/and, and so on,after
12~かどうか/If or not/疑問詞
-でしょう?right? /~て+emotion
-~ておく/prepare for +~のまま/as it is
-How to make meirei form
-~こと(動名詞)/ thing(gerund)
-How to make ukemi form
-How to make shieki form
-How to make shiekiukemi form
-敬語(けいご)Japanese honorific language

video lessons for basic Japanese

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